Casa Albertina Positano – Positano and its Products – Explore the delights of Positano from our affordable 3 star accommodation.

  Hotel Casa Albertina Positano
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Hotel Casa Albertina Positano
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Positano and its Produce

Hotel Casa Albertina Room View Behind Location of PositanoAs you will be spoilt by the service offered at the Hotel Casa Albertina in Positiano you will also be spoilt by choice of the things available to do on the doorstep in Positano – the Jewel of the Amalfi Coast.

The cheap rates of the rooms at the three star Hotel Casa Albertina in Positano mean that where you have saved on accommodation in the expensive town of Positano you can splash out on shopping and entertainment.

There are many boutiques along the typical narrow alleys leading down to the beach, where you will find fashionable beachwear and casual clothing. Stroll further along and you’ll pass shops selling local handicraft and jewellery - the coral jewellery is unique here. Every shoppers dream come true!

Hotel Casa Albertina Terrace View Behind Location of PositanoAs far as culture goes you will not be disappointed. The Church of Santa Maria Assunta cannot be missed with its domes and stucco work and come be found in the centre. There are also many concerts and music festivals during the summer months including International chamber music courses and performing arts concerts.

The Casa Albertina is a family friendly hotel in Positano where there is lots to entertain the family. You can choose from various sports activities including tennis, hiking and scuba diving. In fact, Positano is internationally renowned for its diving spots and its breathtaking view of marine wildlife.

Do not miss visiting Li Galli and the Emerald Grotto. There are of course day trips which can be taken from the Casa Albertina Positano to Amalfi, Ravello, Sorrento, Pompei, Erocolano and you can catch the ferry from Positano to Capri, Ischia and even Naples itself.

Welcome | Rooms & Services | Directions | Positano and its Produce | Virtual Tours | Online Booking | Wedding on the Amalfi Coast

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